How to Provide Feature Request Feedback


Communication with our customers is an important part to making Armory Spinnaker a success, and we welcome feedback at all times.  

  • Is the feature request with regards to a feature which is not behaving as intended?
  • Is the feature request with regards to a new feature or idea which has no work around, and is therefore blocking the success of the environment
  • Is the feature request with regards to a new feature or idea which has a work around, but with an additional feature, if implemented, it will provide additional benefits to a wide range of companies

Submitting Feature Requests to Armory

If the issues fall outside of the Armory Compatibility Matrix (, Armory may direct the request to the provider/community directly, for example, the Spinnaker OSS channels.  At times, the provider/community will be able to provide a more rapid response to the request at hand

  • To open a feature request suggestion, we encourage customers to please open a ticket at our support portal.  
  • Armory will then assess the situation with our engineering team to determine if the resolution fits in with our product roadmap
  • We will advise customers about estimates and keep them up to date about the progress of the feature requests
  • Sometimes, a request may not fit in the current roadmap, but that doesn't mean it won't be part of the roadmap in the future.  We encourage all customers to please provide their feedback to us whenever possible